Review: TMNT Movie – NO SPOILERS

Hey Everyone! long time no write but I went and seen the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D movie last night when it opened and wanted to give a quick review.

So first of all, WOW! The turtles have definitely changed since my first movie back in the 90’s. Raphael is 8 feet tall and RIPPED LOL. He’s a little meaner than I remembered though. Compared to the newer TMNT cartoon on TV there are differences. So for this posts sake, I am not going to use the newer cartoon version but the version from my childhood for any comparisons.

As I mentioned with Raphael, all the turtles are….hmm…….swol. It’s kinda cool  though. Michelangelo is funny. Still the comedian but there were some newer references that fit right in and one of the comedy seemed forced considering all the action there was. Leonardo, great action shots for him. Looking back, it seemed he was a little quieter than the rest in comparison but he did have some great lines and like I said, pretty cool action shots. Finally, Donatello. He probably had the biggest transformation. Not as built as the rest. Still the tech-y turtle but……more nerdy. I don’t know how I feel about that yet. In my opinion, they may have been trying to capture the “nerdy is the new cool” vibe but he was still pretty awesome in his own right. As for April O’Neal, I keep trying to think who could have done a better job than Megan Fox and I can’t think of any. Maybe Emma Stone would have been just as good but she’s already done the reporter/superhero thing. I’m happy with Megan Fox.

SMALL SPOILER ALERT (I know, but no details?) The movie is typical TMNT stuff. Shredder, foot clan, save NYC etc. It shows how the turtles became which, is NOT the same way we grew up knowing. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend watching in 3D. BUT, if your local theater has the paper glasses with the blue and red lenses, don’t bother. 2D should be just fine. BUT, if they have the black glasses that look similar to Ray bans that you recycle once your done, see the 3D. This is the 3rd 3D movie I have seen and the second with the Ray ban like glasses, there is a difference. I am sure 2D is just as great but the 3D has that little extra oomph.

After everything, you can’t really compare. The look, stories and content are all different but not in a bad way. I was a little nervous because remakes are hit and miss. My 8 year old son loved it and my husband enjoyed it too. We talked about it on the way home so that constitutes as a hit in my book.

If you’ve seen it, let me know in the comments what you thought about it, or your kids if you took them!


Happy Saturday!